AE86用デフ上60Φフルチタンマフラー 中間タイコ付き/ AE86 over differential 60Φfull titanium muffler

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「AE86用デフ上60Φフルチタンマフラー 中間タイコ付き」







■Product features

「AE86 over differential 60Φfull titanium muffler with Intermediate silencer」

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□ Product description
It is a 60Φ muffler on the differential designed exclusively for AE86.
In order to require the performance of the muffler under the differential which has restrictions on the vehicle height from the muffler over the differential type,  we adopted a silencer shape that maximizes the improvement of exhaust efficiency and also adopted oval silencer particular about volume and sound quality.
This full titanium type realizes weight reduction with using titanium material luxuriously for the inside of the silencer, flange, stay and everything else.
Made of Kobe Steel, KOBELCO titanium material is used.

□ What is the concept? ??
Most of the manufacturer’s muffler upper differential were developed as target to16-valve normal engine, and had poor exhaust efficiency and could not fully demonstrate their engine performance against the powered up engine, such as the mainstream 5-valve engine in recent years.
Therefore, the one produced this time adopts a pipe diameter of 60Φ size and by sticking to the internal shape of the silencer, we have achieved the muffling effect of the oval silencer and a significant improvement in exhaust efficiency.
This is a silent type with a tyco (short silencer) on the intermediate pipe.
Compared to the type without intermediate silencer (tyco), the minimum ground clearance and road clearance are lower.
When used in an engine with low exhaust pressure such as a 16-valve engine, there is a risk that the sound quality will be muffled and the performance will not be fully exhibited.
If it is used in an engine with low exhaust pressure, such as when the engine deteriorates severely.

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