3D SCAN to CAD Notice of new business service start

Notice of new business service start
We have started a new service that scans the real thing without 3D data and creates 3D data.

reference image
Image 1 Polygon mesh formation by 3DSCAN
Image 2 Deviation map with mesh data by 3D model formation (SOLID or SURFACE)
Image 3 Inverted (symmetrical) model formation from 3D model base

Service content

  1. SCAN data shape extraction
    Shape extraction with a non-contact 3D scanner Maximum accuracy 0.025 mm (25 μm)
    (Uses a 3D measuring instrument with an accuracy certificate)
    We support a wide range of 3D scans from small items to large items such as automobiles.
    Handing over STL data (this data is suitable for 3D printer output)

In the case of shape extraction from the car body, work will be done at the in-house factory to stabilize the measurement environment (please contact us for on-site service).
We also support alignment data of small parts (merged front and back).

  1. Create SOLID or SURFACE shape from polygon mesh
    We support from rough shape extraction and dimension extraction to model formation.

3.3 Model formation by 3D CAD
We support 3D CAD model formation in the reverse engineering process.
Data output is delivered in intermediate format such as STEP and IGES.

Other notice of acceptance service
Providing prototypes from 3D data using a 3D printer
・ Supports 3D printer output using long fiber carbon (by cooperating companies)
Surface model cutting service
・ We support model-shaped cutting services using foaming agents, artificial wood, etc. (by cooperating companies)
Metalworking NC cutting service
・ We support machining services for aluminum materials, iron materials, etc. (at our own equipment and cooperating companies)
CFRP, carbon molding service
・ Autoclave molding, infusion molding (including VaRTM molding) using carbon carbon material,
We support the production and delivery service of thermoplastic press molded products (by cooperating companies).

We support a wide range of activities, from reverse engineering to product molding and delivery.

Diversion to automobile special maintenance industry
There are many hurdles to remanufacturing mass-produced parts, such as no new parts, no used parts, or poor condition, such as securing design data, preparing for mass production processes such as molds, and so on.
Therefore, by securing design data by shape extraction, it is possible to revive by various processing methods such as CNC processing and 3D printer modeling.

Manufacture of parts for old classic cars (Nissan, Toyota, Porsche, etc.)
Manufacture of racing parts to improve the strength of performance parts
Reproduce the severely corroded steel panel with carbon material and ensure rigidity